A Guide To Help Virginia Residents Find The Right Motorcycle Insurance Policy

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Motorcycle Insurance Guide

During warm weather days, many people enjoy riding through Richmond, VA on their motorcycles. If you enjoy riding through the area, it’s important that you have protection. Motorcycle insurance covers you against some of the natural risks associated with riding a motorcycle. The policy covers your vehicle if it is damaged in a collision. You are also protected if you are a victim of theft or vandalism. You can also amend your policy to cover your motorcycle is damaged due to a fire or natural disaster.

Liability coverage protects you if an unexpected situation arises. Accidents can happen at any time. You will be protected if you accidentally collide with another motorcycle or if you cause damage to someone else’s property. If you have a passenger riding on the motorcycle with you, you will also be protected if the passenger suffers an injury.

You can amend your policy to include roadside assistance in the event of an emergency. If you plan to add custom parts or accessories to your motorcycle, you can add extra coverage to protect them if your motorcycle suffers damage. This gives you peace of mind that you will not have to deal with potentially huge losses if your custom motorcycle is totaled. You can also add coverage to protect your motorcycle while it is in storage. 

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What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

An umbrella insurance policy works a little differently from most. It is used to add to other insurance policies that you already have in place. If you are interested in getting this type of coverage, contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. in Richmond, VA to talk with an agent about these policies. 

Your Liability Coverage

There are several types of insurance policies that come with some liability coverage. However, that coverage often doesn’t go very far if there is a serious incident you are liable for. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. An umbrella insurance policy adds to the liability coverage that you have with both your auto policy and your home policy. The way it works is that the first insurance policy, whether it is auto or home insurance, covers an accident first and pays up to its maximum coverage. Once it has reached that amount, the umbrella policy is activated and pays the overage up to its maximum. 

Cost-Effective Insurance

One of the reasons that so many people get umbrella policies is that it’s a way to add to your existing insurance without paying the hefty price tag of boosting each insurance type on its own. If you were to go to your insurance agent and want more liability coverage for your auto and home insurance policies, it could be costly. Umbrella coverage, however, is highly affordable. 

More Liability

If you want to have more liability coverage than you currently do, but you don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount for it, consider an umbrella policy. To talk to an agent about this type of coverage, call us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. in Richmond, VA to make your appointment with an insurance agent.

Do I Need Condo Insurance in Virginia?

It’s easiest to think of condo insurance as being somewhere between renter’s insurance and home insurance, with the former not being mandatory by the state of Richmond, VA. The purpose of home insurance is to protect the bank if your mortgage isn’t paid off. But it’s still a good idea to have it as protection if something happens where the homeowner finds themselves in litigation or with damage to the property. However, homeowner’s and condo insurance are quite different. 

Differences Between Homeowner’s and Condo Insurance

The major differences between these two insurance policies can be found in the definition of primary dwelling, other structures, and personal property. To put it another way, condo insurance covers what you own, the inside unit, and your possessions, while homeowner’s insurance covers the entire property. For a condo, you will have a condominium association policy covering the outside of the condo, including common areas, but you still need to protect the inside. Working with a reputable agent from Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. will help you determine what parts of your condo need condo insurance coverage.

What Kind of Condo Insurance Should I Get?

You can secure different coverage types when purchasing condo insurance, replacement cost coverage, and cash value coverage. If you opt for cash coverage and your possessions are stolen or damaged, you’ll be reimbursed in cash for what you originally paid for the item(s). If you opt for cost coverage, you will be reimbursed according to the item’s current value. Keep in mind that you need to insure the contents of your condo, as well as its structure. Contents include valuables, furniture, electronics, and appliances, while structure includes lights, flooring, and countertops.

If you want coverage if something happens, it’s a smart move to have condo insurance in Richmond, VA. The team at Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. can help.


3 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance That Fits Your Needs

There is a range of options to choose from when choosing auto insurance, depending on your needs. Basic liability works for many people, while others may want more protection with collision and other enhanced levels of insurance. There are ways to make your policy work for you, and a reliable insurance agent can help.

The agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA can get reliable coverage for all of your vehicles. For years, we have worked with motorists to get quality, affordable insurance for all their automobiles, including RVs and recreation vehicles. From liability to comprehensive, we will tailor a policy that works for you.

Getting The Most From Your Insurance

There are ways to make your insurance work better for you. Here are some tips to save and make your auto insurance more effective:

  • Increasing the deductible – This can help save money by raising the amount an insurance company will pay for accidents. If the accident is expensive, this can save you a lot of money.
  • Keep a good driving record – This can go a long way to lowering rates by showing good driving habits with few traffic violations.
  • Increase your credit score – A healthy credit score can mean insurance savings. Companies use this as a factor when setting rates.

Quality Auto Insurance

Contact Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA today to speak with an agent about your insurance options. We have years of experience finding the best rates and policies for our clients. We can get you covered with a policy that fits your budget and gives you peace of mind knowing you are covered. Give us a call today.

Do you need commercial insurance for your Virginia business?

If you own a small business in Virginia, you need to protect your investment, and one way to do that is through obtaining a commercial liability insurance policy for your business. Your business is one of over 640,000 small businesses located in the beautiful state of Virginia and is vital to the overall economy of the state.

Is Commercial Liability Insurance Required in Virginia?

While commercial liability insurance is not a requirement for small businesses or larger ones located in Virginia, the state is one of four in the country that does still utilize a contributory negligence standard. This means that if someone sues you and they win their lawsuit against you and your business, their reward is decreased by the amount that is deemed to be the fault of the plaintiff. In other words, if someone falls at your location then sues you, the jury may find in favor of the person suing you but can reduce the amount of money you need to pay out if the person was also negligent in some way that contributed to the falling incident. Due to this rule, you and your business should obtain a commercial liability policy to protect your business.

What is Covered by Commercial Liability Insurance?

Many incidents are covered under commercial liability business insurance, including bodily injury. If a visitor to your business sustains injuries while there because you were negligent, or an employee is injured while at a customer’s property or in the workplace, they will be covered. Personal injury claims covered are false arrests, invasion of privacy or property copyright infringement, libel, slander, and other things that can damage your rights to reputation. Also covered are advertising injuries and legal defense and judgments against you and your business.

To create a commercial liability insurance policy for you and your business, visit the commercial insurance agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.

What You Need to Know about Home Insurance Exclusions

No matter what type of insurance policy you are buying in Richmond, VA, there are likely some common perils that the insurance company won’t cover. Knowledge is going to be power, so you know if you have a home insurance claim. Knowing what your policy includes and excludes will help you know when it’s best to purchase some extra coverage. 

The only way to know what is excluded in your policy in Richmond, VA is to read your policy carefully or speak with an agent at Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. However, there are a few things that are generally excluded from most policies. 

  • Building Code Upgrades: If you have suffered damage and want to upgrade while rebuilding, this is usually not covered since the policy pays for what is initially insured. However, you can get a rider for this coverage to give you an amount toward upgrade costs. 
  • Flooding: If your basement floods or there is a natural disaster that causes flooding, you won’t have coverage under your home insurance and will need to purchase flood insurance if you want protection. 
  • Home Business Accidents: If you run a business out of your home, this needs to be insured separately. A small business may only need a rider to your current policy, but other businesses require separate business insurance. 
  • Earth Movements: If you have a home on a cliff, it’s essential to be aware of the risk. A standard policy won’t pay for landslides or other house slides. This is considered earth movement and will be excluded. Other things under earth movement include sinkholes or earthquakes.  
  • Intentional Loss: If you did something on purpose with the intent to cause a loss, then you won’t be able to file a claim. 

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