I Rent, Someone Got Hurt, Who Gets Sued?

It’s an annoying thing that renters have to deal with. The landlord wants their rent and Heaven help you if the property isn’t as pristine as it was when you moved in. When something happens to the property that’s not your fault, they’ll try to twist it into a "you" problem that they don’t have to handle.

Renter’s insurance alleviates this situation. So, what happens if someone gets hurt at a property you’ve rented? This could be a delivery person slipping on a sidewalk or stairs. Or a meter reader hit by a shingle or branch. Or your visiting brother-in-law said, "Hold my beer and watch this!"

What To Do

Firstly, get medical attention taken care of immediately. Not only will this get physical damage on the road to recovery, but the scope of the injury will be documented. Follow your doctor’s orders. Collect as much documentation as you can along the way. This includes bills, pay stubs, and receipts. Photos and videos will also be helpful for when you file your claim. Once you’ve handled that, time to lob the ball into your landlord’s court. They should contact their insurance provider promptly. Otherwise, you can bring forth a lawsuit. Most of these claims end in a settlement rather than a trial. 

Is Your Landlord at Fault?

Let’s look at the examples from earlier. Slippage from walks and stairs in bad repair can be the landlord’s fault. If falling objects are due to the landlord’s neglect, they’ll have to pay. The result of your brother-in-law’s antics may be his own fault, though. 

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