Home Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have

Most people have their home insurance policies for many years, and they often don’t look into all the details of their coverage until a serious loss occurs. Your home insurance policy may cover some risks that you may not be aware of, and understanding this coverage can help save you money when an incident occurs. We at Cary-Wheeler & Associates can explain a few of the risks you may not know that your Richmond, VA insurance will cover.

Home Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have

Kitchen Fires

A sudden fire in the kitchen can happen to anyone. You may not be aware that the damage caused by these fires is covered by your home insurance policy. This coverage can help to get your kitchen back in full operation more quickly.

Dog Bites

Generally, a dog biting someone on your property is an uncommon event, but it does happen occasionally. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover a dog bite under the personal liability coverage and medical payments up to a certain limit. A dog bite doesn’t have to occur on your home’s property to qualify for this coverage.

Water Damage From Sudden Broken Pipe

If you have a sudden water line breakage that causes damage to your home, you will be covered for the incident. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage that originates outside the home. However, if it occurs within your home’s structure, it will generally be covered under your policy.

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