I run a small online consulting business. Would I benefit from commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance carries many benefits for business owners, regardless of the type of business. This insurance is designed to be adapted to the unique needs of any given business. Our team at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. knows that understanding commercial insurance can be difficult. We’re here to help eliminate the confusion and help Richmond, VA business owners get the coverage they need. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

In short, commercial insurance is simply business insurance. Commercial insurance is designed to provide coverage and protection for many different things. If you have employees, commercial insurance can include worker compensation. If you drive vehicles for your business, commercial insurance can include commercial auto insurance. Commercial insurance is versatile enough to be structured to fit the unique needs of your business, regardless of the type of business you run. 

I run a small online consulting business. Would I benefit from commercial insurance?

Yes. Commercial insurance is designed to meet the unique needs of many different types of businesses, both online and offline. Your online business benefits from insurance protection just like an offline business. However, it’s clear that your needs will differ in some ways from the needs of an offline business. For example, as an online business owner, you need cybersecurity protection. Commercial insurance can provide protection from cyber-attacks.

You may also need commercial insurance to protect the offline areas of your business. If you sell products online, you may need protection for the safe delivery of your products. If someone gets hurt or sick from the use of your products, liability protection is helpful. General and product liability or common forms of commercial insurance for people with online businesses.

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