What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance?

Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., serving the greater Richmond, VA community, is happy to assist with all your auto insurance needs. There are two main types of auto insurance coverage: collision and comprehensive. Collision insurance covers damage to your car resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car caused by things like fire, theft, or vandalism. 

Here’s a look at the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance, when you would need each type of coverage, and how to choose the right type of insurance for your needs.

Collision Insurance vs Comprehensive Insurance

The main difference between collision and comprehensive insurance is the type of damage that each cover. Collision insurance is primarily concerned with the damage your car incurs as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object, such as a guardrail, telephone pole, or another car. Comprehensive coverage generally covers anything that isn’t related to an accident, including damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and other non-collision events.

Typically, you would need both types of insurance if you own a car. For example, let’s say that your car is involved in an accident and suffers significant damage. Without collision insurance coverage to help pay for repairs or replacement costs, you may be left responsible for covering these costs out of your own pocket. Similarly, if your car is damaged or stolen in a random act of vandalism, comprehensive insurance would help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your car.

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Choosing between collision and comprehensive insurance can be a difficult decision, as there are many factors to consider when making this choice.  If you have any questions about your car’s insurance, give Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. a call today. We proudly serve the Richmond, VA area.

Things you should always carry in your vehicle

Many people use their vehicles every day. It is more than just driving to work, it’s taking kids to school, running errands, shopping, and doctor’s visits. An amazing amount of time is spent in your vehicle. Sometimes that vehicle may be stuck in traffic or it can break down. Being prepared can stop these things from becoming a tragedy. At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA, we make sure that your auto insurance gives you all the protection you need. 

Tips For Your Vehicle

Glove box

Your glove box should have all your necessary documents. Your insurance card and your vehicle registration. A tool for cutting your seatbelt and breaking windows can save your life if you end up in a vehicle submerged in water. Having an EZ pass can make traveling faster and easier. You may want to attach this to your windshield so you don’t have to take it in and out. Keep an owners’ manual in the event you need to look up some info about your vehicle. 


You should have an emergency kit in your trunk. It should include things like flares, jumper cables, a can of Fix a Flat, and a flashlight. Having a charger like a Halo allows you to jump-start your own vehicle and also some newer models also have tire inflators. Make sure that you have a spare tire and a jack so you can replace your flat tire. It is also a good idea to have a jug of water in your trunk and a windshield washer fluid. In cold weather, having a blanket in the trunk can make you more comfortable. Snacks and bottled water are a welcome addition if you have to wait a while for roadside assistance. 

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Coverage Options for Auto Insurance

The insurance agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA are touting the importance of having an auto insurance policy in place.

While the state of Virginia is one of few states in the country that does not require you to have an auto insurance policy in place, you are required to pay a special fee of $500 per year to be able to drive without insurance. It is more affordable do you have an auto insurance policy in place and it has many benefits.

Liability Insurance

A liability auto insurance policy will cover the other driver in anyone else that is injured in an auto accident that is caused by you. It will also pay for any property damage that you may cause from an accident.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is important to have in place because it protects you in any passengers in your vehicle from a motorist who is driving with no insurance coverage at all or not enough coverage to help pay for damages to your vehicle or injuries you may sustain in a crash.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you owe money to a bank or other lender because you borrowed money to purchase your vehicle, you will more than likely be required to have comprehensive insurance in place to protect your lender’s investment in your vehicle. This type of policy is good to have in place even if you don’t owe money on your car and will cover the repairs if your vehicle is damaged by a fire, and natural disaster, or an act of vandalism. It will also help you to replace your vehicle if it is stolen and not recovered.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance will help pay for any damages to your vehicle and another vehicle that you collide with or even a stationary object.

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Do I need to get additional insurance when I rent a car?

Virginia may be for lovers, but it is also for drivers, with almost 6 million drivers traveling more than 55,000 miles of state roads. If you are a driver in this great state, you need to have the mandated insurance, and perhaps you need more. At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc in Richmond, VA, we have been providing service to Virginia residents since 1983.

As summer vacation time approaches, the question of car rentals and insurance coverage comes up frequently. When you are renting a car, you will be asked to fill out many forms and sign a lot of papers. Some of them have to do with the insurance coverage that the auto rental companies offer. If you read the papers carefully, you will notice the great price you got for your rental car has more than doubled when all the different types of insurance are added. The wording can be confusing, and you may not know exactly what you are accepting or rejecting. 

In the simplest terms, if you have a newish vehicle with full coverage, you probably have enough coverage to protect you unless you are renting an exotic or costly vehicle. If you have a fundamental policy with low liability levels and no collision and comprehensive, you need to take the offered insurance. Read your policy carefully before you rent a car to make sure you are not duplicating your coverage. Additionally, if you are using a credit card, your card may have rental car coverage you can also tap into. The reality is you are better to be over-covered than under-covered, so talk to your insurance agent before you make your decision. 

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3 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance That Fits Your Needs

There is a range of options to choose from when choosing auto insurance, depending on your needs. Basic liability works for many people, while others may want more protection with collision and other enhanced levels of insurance. There are ways to make your policy work for you, and a reliable insurance agent can help.

The agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA can get reliable coverage for all of your vehicles. For years, we have worked with motorists to get quality, affordable insurance for all their automobiles, including RVs and recreation vehicles. From liability to comprehensive, we will tailor a policy that works for you.

Getting The Most From Your Insurance

There are ways to make your insurance work better for you. Here are some tips to save and make your auto insurance more effective:

  • Increasing the deductible – This can help save money by raising the amount an insurance company will pay for accidents. If the accident is expensive, this can save you a lot of money.
  • Keep a good driving record – This can go a long way to lowering rates by showing good driving habits with few traffic violations.
  • Increase your credit score – A healthy credit score can mean insurance savings. Companies use this as a factor when setting rates.

Quality Auto Insurance

Contact Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA today to speak with an agent about your insurance options. We have years of experience finding the best rates and policies for our clients. We can get you covered with a policy that fits your budget and gives you peace of mind knowing you are covered. Give us a call today.