Tips for Choosing the Right Condo Insurance

Condo living simplifies life in many ways but can complicate the insurance process. However, none of it is difficult if you follow a few tips outlined below. The insurance process is also made easier by working with an agent you trust, like our Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. team, serving the Richmond, VA area.

Condo Insurance Tips

Condo insurance generally covers the dwelling, personal/medical liability, personal property, and loss of use (if you need to live elsewhere during any repairs), but you still have choices. A key tip is to review your HOA’s master policy coverage, specifically whether it is "walls-in" or "all-in." Your insurance policy must cover whatever portion of your condo and contents the HOA doesn’t handle.

Other condo insurance tips include:

  • Value Your Belongings: Condo owners often underestimate the total value of their possessions. Be sure to inventory your belongings, including appraisals for jewelry and other valuables, so your insurance covers their total value.
  • High Deductibles: You can save money by choosing higher deductibles. However, make sure you have the cash available to cover the deductibles.
  • Exclusions: Richmond has felt the effects of past hurricanes. Review your policy’s severe weather and other exclusions and add coverage needed to protect yourself.
  • Umbrella Coverage: Your condo and auto policy have liability limits. Consider umbrella coverage to increase your protection, particularly if you are retired and past your peak earning years.
  • Landlord. You should obtain a landlord rider if you sometimes rent your condo to others.

Working with Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc.

Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. proudly serves the Richmond, VA area. We look forward to helping you structure an insurance plan, including your condo. Call us or visit the office today to ensure you are adequately protected.