Home Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have

Most people have their home insurance policies for many years, and they often don’t look into all the details of their coverage until a serious loss occurs. Your home insurance policy may cover some risks that you may not be aware of, and understanding this coverage can help save you money when an incident occurs. We at Cary-Wheeler & Associates can explain a few of the risks you may not know that your Richmond, VA insurance will cover.

Home Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have

Kitchen Fires

A sudden fire in the kitchen can happen to anyone. You may not be aware that the damage caused by these fires is covered by your home insurance policy. This coverage can help to get your kitchen back in full operation more quickly.

Dog Bites

Generally, a dog biting someone on your property is an uncommon event, but it does happen occasionally. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover a dog bite under the personal liability coverage and medical payments up to a certain limit. A dog bite doesn’t have to occur on your home’s property to qualify for this coverage.

Water Damage From Sudden Broken Pipe

If you have a sudden water line breakage that causes damage to your home, you will be covered for the incident. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage that originates outside the home. However, if it occurs within your home’s structure, it will generally be covered under your policy.

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3 Reasons You Need To Buy A Home Insurance Policy

Owning a home is an excellent reason to learn how to preserve it. After all, isn’t your home your castle? The first step in keeping it safe and secure is to analyze the reasons for purchasing a home insurance coverage. Here at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., we have helped many homeowners just like you in Richmond, VA with all of their house insurance needs.

Here’s a quick rundown of three compelling reasons to purchase home insurance:

You Never Know What Could Happen

Even if you merely get the most basic home insurance policy, your property will be protected against a variety of potential threats. Most basic home insurance policies cover vandalism, tornadoes, hail or wind damage, fire, and other perils. Regardless of how hard you try to keep your home safe from disaster, Mother Nature may be cruel at times. However, having home insurance in place can provide you with peace of mind.

Protects Your Liability

What happens if someone enters your property and is injured? Who will pay for your medical expenses and any property damage? Even if someone has trespassed, you could be held liable if they are wounded on your property. Your liability is safeguarded by home insurance.

Some Lenders Require

If you have a mortgage on your house, the lender you used to secure the loan will almost certainly require you to get home insurance until the loan is paid off.

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How often should I review my home insurance policy?

Homeowners insurance from Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. protects you from the financial burden of damage caused by perils like fires, severe weather, burglary, and more. As a responsible homeowner in Richmond, VA, part of maintaining your home includes keeping your homeowners’ insurance policy up-to-date.

How often should you review your policy? 

Personal Life Changes

Review your homeowners’ insurance policy whenever there is a change in your personal life. For example, getting married or divorced or having a child can impact your home insurance coverage.

If anyone in your household has a medical condition that requires regular treatment or medication, you’ll want to make sure that your home and belongings are sufficiently covered. You may also need to add extra coverage for high-value items like jewelry, art, or collectibles.

Updates to Your Home

You should also review your homeowners’ insurance policy whenever you make updates or improvements to your home. For example, if you renovate your kitchen or add a new deck, you’ll want to ensure that these updates are properly reflected in your coverage. 

Additionally, if you’ve purchased any new expensive appliances or electronics recently, you’ll want to insure them for their full value in case they’re lost, stolen, or damaged. Many standard homeowners insurance policies have limits on how much they will pay out for certain items like jewelry, art, electronics, and more, so it’s important to check that you have the coverage you need.

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As a homeowner in Richmond, VA, it’s important to keep your insurance policy up-to-date so that you’re fully protected in case of an unexpected event. Contact Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. at least once a year and anytime there is a change in your personal life or home. 

How Home Insurance Protects You

If you own your own home, you need to be able to protect it. One way to do so is to have a home insurance policy that gives you several types of protection. It’s always a good idea to have a home policy for as long as you live in your house. If you need a policy, contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.

Dwelling Protection

One of the most important types of coverage in a home policy is coverage for the house itself. It’s important to have this coverage in case your home is damaged by an event that is covered by your policy. Getting major damage to your house can cost many thousands of dollars to repair. With home insurance, you are protected in case a serious event does happen. 

Protection for Your Belongings

Another type of protection that you get from a home policy is coverage for everything inside the house. A major event that destroys your belongings is another time when you could be out multiple thousands of dollars without insurance. Imagine how much it would cost to replace everything inside your home. With home insurance, the policy would pay the tab for all of it. 

Liability Protection

With home insurance, you are also protected in the event that someone gets injured on your property. When this happens, the policy pays the medical expenses that are the result of the injuries. Without this insurance, every cent would have to come from your own pocket, and medical expenses can be extremely high. 

Stay Protected With Home Insurance

Not having a home insurance policy can destroy you financially if something were to happen to your home. Don’t go without this vital insurance. If you need home insurance, contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.

Pets and Home Insurance: Your Guide

At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., we help Richmond, VA residents better understand their home insurance options. For example, we can give you the insight that you need to grasp better whether your pets are covered and what kind of high-quality protection you may receive.

Pet Damage: Are You Covered? 

When your pet damages your home due to inappropriate behaviors (such as cats scratching the walls or dogs tearing up carpets), your homeowner’s insurance policy usually will not cover the repairs. This type of damage is considered an assumed risk of owning a pet and does not get covered. 

That said, if your dog does damage somebody else’s property when they are visiting you (such as a dog breaking someone’s expensive items when jumping on them as a greeting), your liability coverage may help out. That will depend on your exact policy, though, so make sure that you check this fact. 

Pet Bites: Will You Be Protected?

Liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy should protect you if your dog or cat bites someone and seriously injures them. Your policy will pay up to its limit, which will vary based on your policy. And if you have an umbrella insurance option, that will kick in to pay the extra amount of the lawsuit. 

Not every pet owner will need an additional liability policy, though, as bites are usually quite rare. That said, if you own multiple dogs and know that they have bitten people in the past, it might be worth seriously considering this additional policy to ensure that you don’t end up experiencing complications. 

Learn More About This Coverage 

If you need high-quality home insurance in Richmond, VA, please contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. to learn more. We’ll help you understand your pet policy choices and give you the insight that you need to manage this concern smoothly and efficiently.

Is home insurance required in Virginia?

Your home in Richmond, VA is beautiful and a sign of your financial success. It would be best if you had a home insurance policy that protects your prized asset in more ways than one. The agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. can help you understand indemnity coverage for your home so that you purchase the best policy for your lifestyle. 

What does home insurance cover?

A standard home insurance policy pays for damage to the structure as well as possessions inside the home. The best indemnity coverage also pays for medical bills if a guest is injured while visiting your home. 

Most standard home insurance policies do not pay for natural disasters such as flooding and fires caused by heavy winds. Homeowners need additional coverage to pay for these events. 

Is home insurance required in Virginia?

There is no state law requiring all homeowners to obtain home insurance in Richmond, VA. Owners with mortgages funded by the federal government are, however, required to have home insurance. 

How much indemnity coverage do you need?

The amount of home insurance you need depends on your lifestyle preferences as well as the market value. It is best to choose a policy worth at least 80 percent of your property’s value to avoid coverage restrictions in the instance of total disaster. 

It would be best to consider an indemnity policy that protects treasured possessions such as antiques and keepsakes that have more sentimental value than market worth. A standard home insurance plan may not provide enough financial compensation if such items are destroyed. 

The agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. can help you put together a home insurance plan that protects your assets. Call them today to request a quote for coverage!

What You Need to Know about Home Insurance Exclusions

No matter what type of insurance policy you are buying in Richmond, VA, there are likely some common perils that the insurance company won’t cover. Knowledge is going to be power, so you know if you have a home insurance claim. Knowing what your policy includes and excludes will help you know when it’s best to purchase some extra coverage. 

The only way to know what is excluded in your policy in Richmond, VA is to read your policy carefully or speak with an agent at Cary-Wheeler & Associates, Inc. However, there are a few things that are generally excluded from most policies. 

  • Building Code Upgrades: If you have suffered damage and want to upgrade while rebuilding, this is usually not covered since the policy pays for what is initially insured. However, you can get a rider for this coverage to give you an amount toward upgrade costs. 
  • Flooding: If your basement floods or there is a natural disaster that causes flooding, you won’t have coverage under your home insurance and will need to purchase flood insurance if you want protection. 
  • Home Business Accidents: If you run a business out of your home, this needs to be insured separately. A small business may only need a rider to your current policy, but other businesses require separate business insurance. 
  • Earth Movements: If you have a home on a cliff, it’s essential to be aware of the risk. A standard policy won’t pay for landslides or other house slides. This is considered earth movement and will be excluded. Other things under earth movement include sinkholes or earthquakes.  
  • Intentional Loss: If you did something on purpose with the intent to cause a loss, then you won’t be able to file a claim. 

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