Why Renters Insurance Is So Important

If you are a renter, there are certain aspects of your home that you don’t have to insure. The dwelling will be insured by the owner, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, you do need to have renters’ insurance. It doesn’t cover the dwelling itself and instead gives you types of coverage that you need to have in place. You run a lot of risks as a renter, and this insurance can protect you from many of them.

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The Benefits of Renters Insurance

Your Belongings Need Protection

Though you don’t have to cover the home itself, you do need to cover what’s inside it. If a serious event happened to the home and your things were destroyed, you would have to pay for everything to be replaced if you didn’t have a renters insurance policy. These policies protect everything so that the policy can pay to have them replaced if something should happen to them. This coverage is very valuable, and yet renters insurance is quite inexpensive. 

Your Liability Needs Protection

Sure, you don’t own the property, but you are still responsible for anything that happens there. If a third party came into your home and somehow became injured there, such as in an accident, you are likely to be liable for the injuries. This means that you would have to pay for their expenses like their lost wages and any medical bills. No one should be open to that kind of risk and renters’ insurance makes sure that you aren’t, paying those bills. 

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