Do you need commercial insurance for your Virginia business?

If you own a small business in Virginia, you need to protect your investment, and one way to do that is through obtaining a commercial liability insurance policy for your business. Your business is one of over 640,000 small businesses located in the beautiful state of Virginia and is vital to the overall economy of the state.

Is Commercial Liability Insurance Required in Virginia?

While commercial liability insurance is not a requirement for small businesses or larger ones located in Virginia, the state is one of four in the country that does still utilize a contributory negligence standard. This means that if someone sues you and they win their lawsuit against you and your business, their reward is decreased by the amount that is deemed to be the fault of the plaintiff. In other words, if someone falls at your location then sues you, the jury may find in favor of the person suing you but can reduce the amount of money you need to pay out if the person was also negligent in some way that contributed to the falling incident. Due to this rule, you and your business should obtain a commercial liability policy to protect your business.

What is Covered by Commercial Liability Insurance?

Many incidents are covered under commercial liability business insurance, including bodily injury. If a visitor to your business sustains injuries while there because you were negligent, or an employee is injured while at a customer’s property or in the workplace, they will be covered. Personal injury claims covered are false arrests, invasion of privacy or property copyright infringement, libel, slander, and other things that can damage your rights to reputation. Also covered are advertising injuries and legal defense and judgments against you and your business.

To create a commercial liability insurance policy for you and your business, visit the commercial insurance agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.