How Home Insurance Protects You

If you own your own home, you need to be able to protect it. One way to do so is to have a home insurance policy that gives you several types of protection. It’s always a good idea to have a home policy for as long as you live in your house. If you need a policy, contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.

Dwelling Protection

One of the most important types of coverage in a home policy is coverage for the house itself. It’s important to have this coverage in case your home is damaged by an event that is covered by your policy. Getting major damage to your house can cost many thousands of dollars to repair. With home insurance, you are protected in case a serious event does happen. 

Protection for Your Belongings

Another type of protection that you get from a home policy is coverage for everything inside the house. A major event that destroys your belongings is another time when you could be out multiple thousands of dollars without insurance. Imagine how much it would cost to replace everything inside your home. With home insurance, the policy would pay the tab for all of it. 

Liability Protection

With home insurance, you are also protected in the event that someone gets injured on your property. When this happens, the policy pays the medical expenses that are the result of the injuries. Without this insurance, every cent would have to come from your own pocket, and medical expenses can be extremely high. 

Stay Protected With Home Insurance

Not having a home insurance policy can destroy you financially if something were to happen to your home. Don’t go without this vital insurance. If you need home insurance, contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA.

Should all businesses in Virginia get commercial insurance?

The Richmond, VA area has continued to be a great place for someone to start a business. When you are going to start a company in this area, you always need to make sure that you have the right insurance in place. There are various reasons why a business in this part of the state should obtain a proper insurance plan. 

Protect Your Company

A commercial insurance plan is a good investment as it will help to protect the organization. With a proper commercial insurance plan, you will have protection to mitigate various risks, one of which is the risk that your core assets will be damaged or destroyed. If this occurs, the insurance plan will give support to help you replace these assets to ensure it is not a major financial challenge. Further, you will receive liability support that will ensure you are protected if you are named liable for an accident.

Ensure Compliance

You also should get a commercial insurance plan to ensure you remain in compliance with requirements. Most businesses today are going to have various requirements when it comes to insurance. If you have a loan, lease, or investors, commercial insurance is often a top requirement in documents that you sign. If you get the right plan, it will ensure you comply with these expectations.

While Richmond, VA can be a great place to start a company, there are risks that exist for any type of business. Due to this, getting commercial insurance is a good idea. The team with Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. can help you find the right commercial insurance plan for your business. Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. is able to do this by carefully assessing the needs and requirements of your business and building a plan accordingly. 

What Level of Renters’ Insurance Is Necessary in Virginia?

If you have an apartment in Virginia or about to move into one, it’s important to find out about renters’ insurance. You may not know whether you’d be required to have renters’ insurance. Learn more about this and more from the experts at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. of the Richmond VA area. 

Is it Necessary to Have Renter’s Insurance in Virginia?  

Are you required by law to have a renters’ insurance policy in the state of Virginia? You should know that while it isn’t a strict requirement to have such a policy in place, some landlords do ask in their that their tenants obtain a policy. 

In July 2019, changes went into effect in the legislation that a landlord will have to make their tenants aware that the landlord is not responsible for covering the personal properly of the tenant. This means that you also will not have coverage from your landlord’s insurance policy. 

On that note, the tenant should set up renter’s insurance if they do want their personal property to be protected. If you’re a landlord, it’s in your best interest to include this requirement in your standard lease if you want to avoid putting in the written notice about what’s expected.

Get the Best Type of Protection to Suit Your Needs

Renter’s insurance allows you to have the peace of mind associated with knowing that you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for damage or theft of your possessions. There are many things that you should know first. Contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. to find out about this process. Serving the Richmond VA area, we’re pleased to offer top-notch insurance policies that apply to different situations. 


Does Virginia Require Motorcycle Insurance?

For many people, riding a motorcycle is a source of freedom. However, it also comes with responsibilities, like having the right insurance. Of course, each state has its own insurance requirements, and those requirements can get confusing. So, what do you need to know about motorcycle insurance in Richmond, VA? At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., we can help you figure it out. 

Does Virginia Require Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes and no. In Virginia, motorcycle owners have two options: buying liability insurance or paying an Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee. If you pay the fee, you don’t have to carry insurance. However, if you choose this route, you remain uninsured at your own risk. 

Reasons to Choose Motorcycle Insurance

If Virginia allows for a UMV fee, why do so many motorcycle owners still choose insurance? Because risk mitigation matters. Carrying insurance can help you as a motorcycle owner reduce your liability risk. 

The UMV fee may save you some money in the short term, but motorcycle insurance provides the more cost-effective choice in case of an accident. If you do cause an accident on your bike, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. Having a good insurance policy can protect you from financial struggles. 

And of course, insurance can help you gain some peace of mind. Riding a motorcycle should be an enjoyable experience. But if you’re constantly worried about your lack of coverage, you won’t enjoy the experience as much as you should. Liability coverage can help you breathe a little easier on the road. 

Motorcycle Insurance Questions? 

Do you have questions about your coverage options? At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., we can answer your questions and help you make sure you have the right coverage. We serve motorcycle owners in Richmond, VA. Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

Coverage Options for Auto Insurance

The insurance agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA are touting the importance of having an auto insurance policy in place.

While the state of Virginia is one of few states in the country that does not require you to have an auto insurance policy in place, you are required to pay a special fee of $500 per year to be able to drive without insurance. It is more affordable do you have an auto insurance policy in place and it has many benefits.

Liability Insurance

A liability auto insurance policy will cover the other driver in anyone else that is injured in an auto accident that is caused by you. It will also pay for any property damage that you may cause from an accident.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is important to have in place because it protects you in any passengers in your vehicle from a motorist who is driving with no insurance coverage at all or not enough coverage to help pay for damages to your vehicle or injuries you may sustain in a crash.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you owe money to a bank or other lender because you borrowed money to purchase your vehicle, you will more than likely be required to have comprehensive insurance in place to protect your lender’s investment in your vehicle. This type of policy is good to have in place even if you don’t owe money on your car and will cover the repairs if your vehicle is damaged by a fire, and natural disaster, or an act of vandalism. It will also help you to replace your vehicle if it is stolen and not recovered.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance will help pay for any damages to your vehicle and another vehicle that you collide with or even a stationary object.

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To obtain a quote for auto insurance for your vehicle and to get your policy started, contact the auto insurance agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. in Richmond, VA today!

Why Virginia Business Owners Should Add Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. serves the Richmond, VA community. For over 25 years, we have helped residents protect their assets. We offer our clients flexible policies designed to meet their evolving needs. We want to simplify the process of searching for insurance.

Why Cyber Insurance Coverage Is An Asset For Virginia Businesses

A strong commercial insurance policy can help your business stand out in the Richmond VA marketplace. Commercial insurance protects your business as you navigate some challenges associated with operating a business. The policy covers your inventory and equipment if it is stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if your property is damaged due to a fire or natural disaster. Liability insurance protects your business if you are held liable for injuring someone or damaging property. Liability coverage protects your business if you are held liable for injuring someone or damaging property. Liability coverage will take care of the necessary repairs or medical bills. Workers compensation protects your business if there is an injury in the workplace. You are also covered if your business has to shut down for a few months while undergoing repairs.

An overlooked type of coverage that you should consider adding to your commercial insurance is cyber liability coverage. The recent technological advancements mean that more people are relying on online transactions to shop. Once sensitive information enters the system, hackers will look for ways to infiltrate it and cause problems. Cyber liability coverage protects your business if your customers or employees’ information is compromised in a data breach. The coverage helps prevent legal action against you and covers your business while you rebuild the systems.

Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about commercial insurance.

Pets and Home Insurance: Your Guide

At Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc., we help Richmond, VA residents better understand their home insurance options. For example, we can give you the insight that you need to grasp better whether your pets are covered and what kind of high-quality protection you may receive.

Pet Damage: Are You Covered? 

When your pet damages your home due to inappropriate behaviors (such as cats scratching the walls or dogs tearing up carpets), your homeowner’s insurance policy usually will not cover the repairs. This type of damage is considered an assumed risk of owning a pet and does not get covered. 

That said, if your dog does damage somebody else’s property when they are visiting you (such as a dog breaking someone’s expensive items when jumping on them as a greeting), your liability coverage may help out. That will depend on your exact policy, though, so make sure that you check this fact. 

Pet Bites: Will You Be Protected?

Liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy should protect you if your dog or cat bites someone and seriously injures them. Your policy will pay up to its limit, which will vary based on your policy. And if you have an umbrella insurance option, that will kick in to pay the extra amount of the lawsuit. 

Not every pet owner will need an additional liability policy, though, as bites are usually quite rare. That said, if you own multiple dogs and know that they have bitten people in the past, it might be worth seriously considering this additional policy to ensure that you don’t end up experiencing complications. 

Learn More About This Coverage 

If you need high-quality home insurance in Richmond, VA, please contact us at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. to learn more. We’ll help you understand your pet policy choices and give you the insight that you need to manage this concern smoothly and efficiently.

What to Consider When Buying Renters Insurance

When renting an apartment in Richmond, VA, your landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your belongings. It only covers the structure of the apartment. To ensure your personal belongings are adequately protected, you should get renters insurance. And as Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. explains, here are some factors to consider when purchasing renters’ insurance.

The Amount of Coverage

The purpose of renters insurance is to protect your personal belongings in case of theft, property damage, or a natural disaster. When choosing the right coverage amount, it is best first to take inventory of your belongings. Note down the value of each item, as that will help guide you on the amount of coverage to buy. Apart from personal belongings, there is also the liability protection that you need to be covered under renters insurance. This assessment will make things easier for you when you approach an insurance company.

Understanding What Is Not Covered

Just like any other type of insurance policy, there are things covered under renters insurance while some are not. For instance, when you live in an area prone to floods, you may have to get a separate policy for floods. This is because floods are not covered under renters insurance. Discuss this with an insurance agent to avoid surprises when exposed to some types of risks.


You may feel like renters insurance is costly if you are paying for other policies like car insurance and health insurance. In such cases, consider bundling your policies. It can save you some cash while still giving you adequate coverage. Therefore, check whether your auto insurer also offers renters insurance and what the benefits of bundling are. This might save you some cash instead of buying two different policies.

Renters insurance is essential. Picture the financial loss you may have to incur if your apartment is robbed or catches fire. With renters insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing your insurer will help cover or replace those items. Here at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. of Richmond, VA we can help ensure your apartment is protected from these risks. Contact us today for assistance in purchasing renters insurance.

What Are The Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance?

If you are in Richmond, VA, owning a motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the city. But as you have fun with your motorcycle, don’t forget about motorcycle insurance. Since one wrong move in your bike can turn catastrophic, it’s more critical to purchase motorcycle insurance from Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. In the process, you will accrue the below benefits. 

Liability protection

Sometimes, accidents do happen. Probably, you lost a bit of concentration and crashed on someone. When this happens, you need to have motorcycle insurance to take care of bodily injuries and property damages you might have caused to third parties. 

Protects your bike

Whether you use your bike for fun, running errands, or commuting, it is valuable to you. That said, it’s wise to protect your asset from perils like theft, accidents, fire, and so on. With motorcycle insurance, you avoid out-of-pocket expenses when you need to replace or repair your bike following an accident. 

Pays for medical expenses

A bike accident — even a minor one — can lead to severe injuries. In light of this, PIP or MedPay coverage is critical as it covers your medical expenses when involved in an accident. Besides, medical payments insurance pays for partial loss of income if you cannot resume your job.

It’s customizable

The beauty about motorcycle insurance is that it’s not cast in stone. If your circumstances change, you can increase or reduce coverages to suit your current needs. For instance, if you add new accessories to your bike, you can adjust your coverage to ensure you are covered. 

Buy motorcycle insurance today!

If you treasure your bike, you can’t afford to ride it without motorcycle insurance. If you are in Richmond, VA and its environs, please talk to Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. for a competitive quote. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

In most cases, when there is an accident in Richmond, VA, the claimant ends up settling with the insurance company. However, if the person at fault has a lot of personal wealth, there is a risk that the claimant will continue with a lawsuit to seek additional damages. Therefore, those with a substantial amount of assets may want to consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy. 

For help determining if umbrella insurance is needed, reach out to our agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. We can help you understand what umbrella insurance is and how much coverage you need. 

Who Should Buy Umbrella Insurance? 

Some of the most significant factors in determining if you need umbrella insurance are where you live, what you do for a living, and how many assets you have. Those who live extravagant lifestyles, have high-paying jobs, or a lot of assets are the ones who should consider purchasing umbrella insurance. Additionally, those who live in areas prone to lawsuits or those who take many risks should also consider buying umbrella insurance. 

How Much Insurance Do I Need? 

Only you can decide how much coverage to purchase when selecting an umbrella policy. Typically, it is best to get coverage limits equal to your net worth, plus your current income stream value. You want to ensure you have enough coverage so in the event of a lawsuit, you do not have to liquidate any of your assets or investments to pay the claim. 

Umbrella insurance is not for everyone. Those who do not fit in any of the categories mentioned above may not need to purchase an umbrella policy in Richmond, VA. Those seeking to buy an umbrella policy must first have primary insurance and should contact our agents at Cary-Wheeler & Associates Inc. for any questions about umbrella coverage.